Bus Shelters Advertising

Advertisement on bus stops became one of the perfect ways to capture the attention of all types of people out of their homes, not just those who sat at the bus stop benches, but those walking on the footpaths or passing in their vehicles too.

Bust stand branding proves advantageous where large formats are prohibited, rendering highly cost-effective, target-oriented endorsements for major metropolitan areas locally, regionally, and nationally.

Benefits of Bus Shelters Advertising

Bus shelters is an excellent medium for advertising that attracts a large audience. It stands out prominently, especially for residential localities, which are highly dependent on buses for their transportation. The Indian government has taken several approaches to construct the best and smartest bus shelters in every metropolitan city, urban town, and developing rural areas, transforming ordinary bus shelters into smart bus shelters and creating an opportunity for businesses to exhibit their brand in the most authentic and smart way possible, as well as becoming one of the key elements in smart cities.

  • Eye level visibility
  • Quick Consumption
  • Multiple Exposure
  • All day long

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