Newspaper Advertising

Newspaper advertising has the largest spending share among total marketing budgets. 

Newspapers have been there for centuries, educating, entertaining, and selling to the masses. Even today, despite the rise of various ad formats, newspaper advertisements are the most trusted form of advertising.

Newspaper advertising does not require the target audience to have a television or radio on at a specific time. 

Two types of Categories in Newspaper Ads

Newspaper advertising is divided into two categories: Display and Classified. Advertisements that span many columns horizontally and typically contain graphics and borders are classified as display advertising in newspapers.

Newspaper ads can be of various sizes and rates of Newspaper advertising depends on the ad size. So a half-page ad will be more expensive than a quarter-page ad. Standard Newspaper advertising options are Full Page ads, Half Page ads, Quarter Page ads, and then smaller-size ads.

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Newspaper Advertising Size And Ad Format

While the actual size of a Newspaper ad differs across publications, the following list of Newspaper ad sizes will give you a general idea of square cm.

This table also gives you the different ad types available in Newspapers.


Ad type

Dimension (in sq cm)


Full Page Newspaper ad



Half Page Newspaper ad



Quarter Page Newspaper ad



Sky Bus Newspaper ad



Jacket Newspaper ad


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