Website Services – Designing, Development and Maintenance

Website is the first line of communication between visitors and marketer, which creates the first impression of a business within seconds, so it must be appealing and modern. It is the best medium to showcase your product or services in such way that will potentially influence the audience. Whether it a small or big business, website is indispensable, especially when it comes to e-commerce businesses. It is quite difficult to leave your mark globally without a website.

We at Guru Publicity, provide a broad range of website services intended to make your website effectively communicate with the visitors with our valuable content associated with the industry. Website development is done through various processes that include web content development, web design, network security configuration, client-side, server-side and many others.

Besides dealing with coding or programing, website development involves creating complex web-based applications, plain text pages, electronic business applications and social network applications. While developing a website, the developer needs to study consumer psychology, thorough knowledge of business goals and industry best practices.

While, website should be designed with a motivating appearance, which is much more effectual than extravaganza. Our website designers peruse the customer point of view, so that our clients can get their imaginations and expectations happened to be real. The team is dedicated to design an elevating user experience with their advanced approach towards attractive, creative, mobile responsive, conversion friendly, faster, secured and SEO friendly techniques.

Furthermore, maintaining the website is another challenge for marketers. It is very important to keep your website always fresh, organized and updated, so that the visitors will not feel like they are spending time on a stale website. Website maintenance benefits in bringing more leads, increased traffic and conversions, improved page rank and brand image. Cleaning viruses and malware, daily updating, periodical performance report, visitors report, database and website backup are the major objectives of website maintenance.