Outdoor Media Solutions

Outdoor media is also known as outdoor advertising that reaches customers when they are outside the home. It promotes a product or service in targeted geographic area, focusing on when customers are moving through public places, like commercial locations, waiting rooms and transit. Outdoor advertising is classified into various categories including hoarding advertisements, billboard advertising, transit and street furniture. Let’s know how they all work:

In old days, professional painters were appointed to paint advertisements on big holdings, but now digital printers have made it possible to print and transport that huge hoardings to desired location. Hoarding ads potentially dominate a human mind with its sheer size display.

Billboard is the most familiar and traditional format of advertising. In non-urban areas, the billboards are placed on the sides on less-travelled roads, while in cities, they are next to high-traffic highways.

Mobile Van is one of the most enormously useful medium of advertising which conveys attractive, visual and long lasting of a company. It is also very cost effective as compared to other forms of advertising. While LED Van is more attractive and grabs high attention and wider audiences efficiently. The amazing part of LED Van advertising is you can shuffle and operate different ads from remotely from anywhere.

However, transit is a type of advertising which is displayed on any kind of moving subject such as subway cars, buses, food trucks, taxis, airport walkways and truck-side. It also includes electronic advertising at digital platforms of train and bus.

Street furniture is kind of advertising that is intended to show customers when they are on-the-go, using public or commercial subjects. It is commonly seen on bus shelters, park benches, telephone booth advertising news racks and mall kiosks. Since, Pole kiosk advertising is the most popularly used and conventional form of outdoor advertising, which offers repeated exposure and gets customers’ attentive recalls.

Conclusively, the main goal of outdoor media is to give crisp to an advertisement alongside clear signage and distant communication, but it should also showcase brand image.