Hoarding Advertising

Hoarding advertising is among the oldest form of advertising. It has been there on the advertising horizon, not only for years, but for centuries, and since when any other advertising form didn’t exist.

Hoardings remain popular owing to the brand visibility they offer.  A well executed outdoor campaign or outdoor hoarding advertising is eye-catching and is remembered by the potential customer which helps in brand recall in the long run.

Popular and successful way to advertise

Outdoor hoarding advertising is large in size, placed in a strategic way usually in an area of high footfall to attract the attention of the public. Outdoor hoarding advertising is meant to be large, impactful and with an objective of putting across your brand’s message to your potential customers in a manner that creates a lasting impression on their mind.

Brands should choose outdoor hoarding advertising because of its potential to provide high visibility to your brand.

It can be a bit pricey at times but they can pay off handsomely if done in a correct way and that’s the reason why outdoor hoarding advertising has always been unmatched when it comes to making/ running an impactful brand awareness campaign.

Outdoor Advertising Rates

Outdoor advertising rates is a crucial parameter for brands due to the simple fact that they are interested in running campaigns in cities or areas where there is ample population.

Such areas will have rates higher than areas that are not so densely populated or are not that popular, The outdoor advertising rates in Nashik also differ depending on the type of media that is being used.

In simple words, metro advertising rates differ from bus shelter advertising or auto advertising. 

So the factors that have an impact on the outdoor advertising rates in Nashik are as follows- 

1. The location: Location has a heavy impact on the outdoor advertising rates in Nashik. The cost varies not just by the city but also from one location to another inside the same city. Areas with high traffic enjoy a high cost as compared to areas with low traffic.

2. The type of Media being used: Outdoor advertising has a lot of options and is not just limited to hoardings or billboards.The cost of hoardings is hence different from bus shelter advertising, pillar advertising or metro advertising. The outdoor advertising rates in Nashik, hence, differ from one small media option to another. 

3. Dimensions: The outdoor advertising rates in Nashik also differ according to the size of the billboard. Large billboards cost more than medium and tiny billboards.

4. Visibility: Some hoardings are more visible than others. These hoardings have higher advertising rates than regular hoardings.

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