Creative Designing Services

Creative designing is the most efficient aspect in advertising that doesn’t only engage customers, but also lasts longer, memorable and builds up fan community in lesser time. Design represents and speaks brand identity, drives conversions and evokes response. It brings product or service in to highlight with the help of key elements such as animations, graphics, appearance, content, etc.

Guru Publicity uses a combination of research, design, strategy and advertising to better design and represent the brands. To make the virtual representation of advertising more impactful, graphics designing is the most important technique used in advertising. The appropriate use of concepts and colours gives it more success.

Logo designing is another key essential in communicating things about a brand. It significantly impacts on consumer perception being the face of an organization. Logo is often the first impression noticed by many customers, and some of them make opinion about a company instantly. A perfectly designed logo indicates customers about company’s trustworthiness, expertise and quality of service.

Packaging design is the process of designing exterior wrapping of a product that involves choosing a material, appearance, shape, colours, fonts and graphics, which result in a well-looking container that can be a box, bottle, sachet, pouch or a can. The packaging consists of enough details about the enclosed product that what is it for, why and how is it used, who can use it and if it is worth or not. The material and shape of package depend on the type of product packed inside.

Business stationary makes a brand more prominent and noticeable. The custom business stationary creates a good first impression with improving credibility and showing professionalism. Business stationary helps business grow in many ways such as trust building, by sending custom letterheads in personalised envelopes that increases communication value in familiar manner. Also, organizations can improve employee loyalty by offering custom business stationary to hard working and loyal employees that can result in more productive performance.

Brochure is a multiple-page document designed to advertise products or services of a company in various fold types including gate fold, bi-fold, tri-fold and z-fold. The primary object of brochure is to introduce an organization and its services focusing at a specific subject. It is considered as one of the oldest methods of effective marketing.

Unlike brochure, leaflet designing meant to provide concise message or advertisement via small or folded sheet. The headlines on the leaflets are short but eye catching intended to draw attention. The colours, imagery and content are used in appealing manner keeping target audience in mind. The leaflet should be made up of good quality product and contain contact details clearly including phone numbers, website address, email address, location, etc.