PR Solutions

Press Release is a short, official announcement delivered to targeted members of the media. It often called as ‘news release’, ‘media release’ ‘press statement’. It used to promote something definite and significant in a clear presentation of content without making it accessorized.

Because of the huge demand by consumers to get their data or stories published with instant impact, news media companies have to be largely relied on Press Release, which follows constraint format and style for distributing media, that lets companies save their time and money.

Some of you may find Press Release simple and easy, but it is more challenging task that involves creating a story shorter in punchy sentences. It mainly includes the location as well as date stamp right where the first paragraph starts. Most of the Press Releases have to go through a number of drafts.

PR dissemination is the process of broadcasting the articulated news contents and make it reach to targeted audience and media. Guru Publicity has a wide experience in knowing what angle of messages, news or stories will be effective, which content will get more coverage. With the help of our strategic PR drafting and positive media coverage, we strive to build the profiles of our clients.

Since, to disclose official announcements, draw media attention or answer public relations issues, the event ‘press conference’ is held by organizations, politicians, government officials or other corporations. It is a best option for purposes like announcing emergencies, political campaigns, promotions and product launch.

A good marketer always keeps on standing out and grabbing customer attention, which can be obtained potentially with promotional activities. The most common promotional activities include advertising, telemarketing, personal selling, direct marketing, publicity, and short term sales promotions.