Print Media – Newspaper Advertising Solution

Advertising with the help of physically printed version of news through media such as newspapers, posters, magazines, direct mail and billboards. Print media was invented when mass distribution took place, which was not possible with hand-written printed materials. By the years, creators discovered advanced platforms for advertisers that include banner ads, social media advertising and mobile advertising with intent to reach the exactly targeted audience. But printing technique still alive!

Though, it’s a highly digital world, print media has still been playing an important role in marketing industry. Involving print media in the business helps boost reach to targeted customers, engage them with campaigns and get more exposure. It also helps create credibility and engagement between brand and its customers. It can become a strong magnet by attracting audience with amusing content, which ultimately lead to brand awareness as well as sales growth.

Unlike scheduled digital advertising that expires after specific period of time, the print media can have a longer lifespan. Web paged can be visited for a few seconds, but printed leaflets, brochures are less possible to ignore and also circulated to colleagues, friends and family, which expands campaign reach. Now-a-days, print media has come with ability to get connected with online content by providing website reference or QR code.

Guru Publicity has been providing advertising solutions since 2001 that majorly includes Display Ads, Full Page Jacket Ads, and Quarter Page Ads. Where, display ads don’t have a dedicated section. It simply appears on any page in various sizes occupying half or full page, but Classified Ads are assigned with a specific page along with categories. While Jacket Ads fully cover front page of the newspaper and becomes page one that uses interesting images, texts, fonts, colours and unique catchy phrases that instantly attracts consumer’s mind. As the name suggests, Quarter Page Ads occupies 1/4th of a page and covers a complete corner. It often called as postcard size advertisement.

Moreover, Guru Publicity serves number of ad types including Memorial Ads, ROL with Picture, Notice Ads, Appointment Ads, Panel Ads, Line Ads, ROD Ads and Hot Property Ads.