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Print Media is a traditional way to communicate or to reach people, through a newspaper, magazines, journals, books, etc. Print Media is from the last many decades. Earlier printing form was woodblock printing, later it was printing press, then Offset printing and from 1986 the printing form is solid ink printing.

The print media is responsible to report the latest and exact news and information to the readers. By reading daily newspapers we can update ourselves, we get each and every kind of news from each corner of the world. Nowadays youngster uses social media to update their selves but some people like our old generation they are habitual to read Newspapers and they have trust in Print media.

Even we can say that the Print Media is works as a bridge between the government and the people. People get to know about the latest policies, rules, etc. of the government.

Another advantage of print media is they provide a big platform to their daily readers to advertise and promote their products. As a result, anyone can easily know about their product and get the information. It’s a best way to reach many people in a short time frame.

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